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Details Kernel-Methods-in-Computational-Biology-Computational-Molecular-Biology

Kernel Methods in Computational Biology A detailed overview of current research in kernel methods and their application to computational biology. Full description

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Details Biology-of-Cancer-Pearson-Special-Topics-in-Biology

Rev. ed. of: Biology of cancer / Randall W. Phillis, Steve Goodwin. c2003.

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Details Applied-Statistics-for-Network-Biology-Methods-in-Systems-Biology-Quantitative-and-Network-Biology-Band-1

The book introduces to the reader a number of cutting edge statistical methods which can e used for the analysis of genomic, proteomic and metabolomic data sets. In particular in the field of systems biology, researchers are trying to analyze as many ...

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Details Biology-and-Epistemology-Cambridge-Studies-in-Philosophy-and-Biology

Biology and Epistemology This set of original essays by some of the best names in philosophy of science explores a range of diverse issues in the intersection of biology and epistemology. Full description

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Details Debating-Biology

Debating Biology Debating Biology takes a fresh look at the relationship between biology and society as it is played out in the arena of health and medicine. Full description

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Details Biology-as-Society-Society-as-Biology-Metaphors-Sociology-of-the-Sciences-Yearbook-Band-18

Biology as Society, Society as Biology The disciplines of biology and the social sciences share common roots in history and yet have drifted so far apart that the demarcation line between them has become a contested boundary. The boundary shift ...